We are building a bank for people who live their lives on their smartphones. For people who want to get things done in a click and who don’t see the need for branches and cheque books. We’re focussed on building the best current account in the world and ultimately working with a range of other providers so that Savi can be an intelligent hub for your entire financial life. Savi further works with both offline and online partners to bring users the best promotions and gain points when you spend on your card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Savi?

Is Savi a bank?

We're not a bank, we're better. The Savi MasterCard® and account is provided by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd. This means they provide the Savi debit card and account - meaning we can focus on building awesome stuff.

When do you launch?

You can currently join the waiting list for Savi and we will deliver your card before September 2017. Currently we are expanding the list of Savi partners so that when we launch our users will benefit from a wide range of rewards and promotions.

I already have a bank account, can I use Savi?

Yes! Savi has everything you'd need from a bank, but with loads of cool features too. So you can either use it on its own, or alongside your existing bank account.

Your Savi account has its own Account Number and Sort Code, meaning you can deposit money via a bank transfer. This can be used for paying in your wages from your employer too. Savi also has an automated transfer system which means that you do not have to worry about topping up your Savi card

How do I pay money into my Savi account?

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