Point Collectors Spend More

Research shows that one point collecting customer is more valuable than two non-collecting, and are encouraged to spend more.

Stand Out. Become Discovered.

Savi offers a platform whereby our users are able to discover new venues and be reminded of old favourites, increasing brand awareness.

Deploy tailored offers 

Savi has access to the transactional data of users and can utilise this to provide exceptionally targeted offers from you.

Effortlessly gain and retain customers

Join Savi & build better relationships with your customers, it only take 2 minutes 

How Savi is benefitting businesses across the globe


You sign up the customers, we keep them coming back

By adopting Savi to your business, we do the hard work for you. After initially prompting your customers to use the Savi app, we will use our innovative methods and smart technologies to boost their loyalty.

Savi points for your customers

Savi aims to provide a medium for users to connect with your business and gain Savi loyalty points from you autonomously. The platform encourages your customers to repeat purchase your products or services through physiological harnesses.

Have your customer's Savi points multiplied

Savi offers a discoverable platform for you to offer 'Point Multipliers' to your customers. This simply works by posting out an offer to earn extra points on purchases in your store which is automatically redeemed in app.

Push notifications to users nearby

Use our app to notify people who may be interested in your services/products with a push notification to their smartphone. These notifications advertise your business and any offers you may have before swiftly guiding users to your store.

Everything, is driven by data

Due to the access Savi has of the transactional information provided by the users, all our business solutions are powered by data to ensure our services are optimally effective. 

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